How To Open Blocked Websites |JIO 4G, AIRTEL, IDEA Ban or Block Websites in INDIA

How To Open Blocked Websites | JIO 4G, AIRTEL, IDEA Ban or Block Websites in INDIA


Thousands of websites blocked in India Surprisingly, most of them are legitimate, legitimate and perfectly legitimate websites, such as a file host or an image host, although some pornographic content or torrents fall into gray areas like websites they provide. But then, according to the law, India does not ban obscene observers or prevent the video from downloading on a popular site such as Big Buck Bonnie with a watermelon site.

Update: And again hundreds of sites have been blocked, including porn videos like pornhub and Xvideos. At this time, people have specifically blocked the Geo Network on sites, but in reality, this restriction is in response to the telecom department order, PTI: PTI. More than 800 websites have been banned. Now, if they are illegal then use the access methods that are illegal but if it is a popular website that is banned like Wikipedia, it might try some strategies.

Some down and they have been explained, but the idea is simple: use a VPN. Previously there was no good free VPN, but now VPN has been created in the browser and it can help you to avoid local restrictions.

 But before that some context and a disclaimer.

For the last few years, India has been blocking the left and right websites. Most of the time, websites have been blocked on the basis of John Doe's order, which is so vague and arbitrary that the courts agreed with them are also frowning and losing a word of caution. Due to other random decisions elsewhere, many more sites have been banned, probably based on links that blocked the entire site. So, this whole exercise is possible in a transparent and arbitrary manner, that even though the Indian government has blocked many websites in the country and for some reason.

Now a waiver: Although the procedure here will help you to access almost any site you block, if you do this, we are not responsible for any legal responses to it. We simply tell you how to access a blocked URL in India. We can not say whether it is legal or not.

With this, the procedure: It is very easy. Just use the latest version of Opera browser. The Opera browser, which now has 41 versions, has a built-in VPN or in other words has a virtual private network. This VPN allows a web user to easily filter the filters that Indian Internet service providers provide because it ensures that the first user connects a user with a computer outside of India and then connects to the site you are accessing. To use Opera's VPN feature, here's what you need to do:

- Download the latest version of Opera browser. (mobile version - mini Opera)

- Install it on your computer/mobile.

- When it is installed, open the browser and then go to Settings. Check VPN enabled box.

How To Open Blocked Websites |JIO 4G, AIRTEL, IDEA Ban or Block Websites in INDIA How To Open Blocked Websites |JIO 4G, AIRTEL, IDEA Ban or Block Websites in INDIA Reviewed by Arif Al Mamun on November 14, 2018 Rating: 5

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