PUBG New Update - Vikendi Snow Map Gameplay will focus on tracking

PUBG New Update - Vikendi Snow Map Gameplay will focus on tracking

Vikendi, PlayerUnknown's Battleground's new snow-themed delineate, at long last been uncovered, with an artistic trailer that previously circulated amid The Game Awards on Thursday night. 

The guide, which is set in Eastern Europe, takes players to a snowy nation loaded with relinquished urban areas covered in snow. Vikendi is PUBG's initial 6 km by 6 km delineate, it specifically in the middle of the sizes of Sanhok, the diversion's more current littler guide, and Erangel, the first bigger PUBG outline. 

In any case, it's more than size that makes Vikendi exceptional. The guide additionally includes ecological perils like solidified streams and lakes that can send players pitching crazy on the off chance that they don't drive deliberately, or woods that are unquestionably more thick and firmly stuffed with trees than different maps. And afterward obviously, there's the snow, which disfigures around players as they travel through it making following adversaries a totally new component of PUBG's amusement play. 

In no time before the uncover, Polygon talked with PUBG's reality craftsmanship executive, Dave Curd, to discuss Vikendi, the guide's remarkable ongoing interaction and what precisely went into making the ideal PUBG snow delineate. 

Polygon: Since PUBG's discharge, fans have been amped up for the possibility of and requesting a snow outline. What made you feel like this was the perfect time to really make it? 

Dave Curd: From the starting we knew there was enthusiasm there, however our test as amusement producers is to examine why make a guide, for what reason is this guide unique, for what reason would it be advisable for us to go up against this undertaking, what would we like to give that alternate maps don't give? So toward the start of our dialogs we extremely sort of went gaga for following players and sort of the seeker turning into the chased. 

We thought this was a fun ongoing interaction pride that we hadn't found in our own maps yet. Thus obviously snow appeared well and good to actualize. Also, from that point we thought, well, we have one player base that truly cherishes the sort of surge of the four by four Sanhok guide, and we have another player base that is truly into the strategic purposeful pace that you may see in Miramar or Erangel. So then we began considering, OK, shouldn't something be said about a six by six? Would this be able to be a sweet spot in the center? That was somewhat why make this guide. We needed to investigate stalker ongoing interaction and we needed to sort of cross over any barrier between those player bases. 

Are there going to be highlights like impressions in the snow and stuff like that to help make that, that following occur? 

Completely. Along these lines, we have impressions. We have vehicle prints, and tracks clearly, and notwithstanding when you're inclined and sort of snake slithering, you will spread some snow around. In PUBG when the entryways are open, when the windows are broken, you realize somebody's been there, however you don't know when. So our aim was, on the off chance that you see the tracks you realize you're warm, you realize you're spot over them, so you can sort of settle on that fascinating decision. Do I pursue the tracks and perhaps it's a setup or possibly I will get them in the back or do I not take the battle, go the contrary way and get increasingly plundered, get ready for whenever. 

Better believe it. I've generally thought of PUBG as like strolling into a wrongdoing scene and attempting to make sense of like precisely occurred and that sounds like it's going to be an absolutely new components of that. 

You know, we truly surmise that is somewhat what separates our diversion is it's this sort of pressure in this swaying among survival and battling. I think a few recreations are all activity and a few amusements are all survival and this sort of a high stakes find the stowaway is the place our sweet spot is and we're truly eager to perceive how the networks utilizes the tracks. Clearly chasing players is enormous, however I'm truly expecting a considerable measure of a great deal of circling a corner and afterward posting up with your weapon and seeing who's tailing you. The devices that will be laid I think ought to be entirely fun. 

Was there anything at an early stage with this guide all of you or even you explicitly took a gander at and said this must be in the PUBG outline we will chip away at? 

Completely. Ahead of schedule into the procedure we took a gander at solidified waterways and lakes and what it may resemble to sort of pilot a quick snowmobile over those surfaces. So you're driving this amazingly quick, dangerous, startling thing over a solidified wild with angling sheds and old solidified pontoons and goliath rocks. What's more, it was only this marvelous inclination that we hadn't caught in any of our past maps. What's more, something else we were eager to attempt was somewhat the thickness of woods, you know, the majority of our maps normally have wild. All things considered, we truly needed to have some substantial, overwhelming timberland to sort of enhancement the stalking-tracks-through-the-snow ongoing interaction with likewise going into these labyrinths of overwhelming thick trees. 

The stream thing is extremely intriguing. I think PUBG players most likely as of now observe streams is kind of common hindrances, similar to it's a major ordeal to cross them. What's more, it's fascinating that you can convert into something other than what's expected with this new guide.
PUBG New Update - Vikendi Snow Map Gameplay will focus on tracking PUBG New Update - Vikendi Snow Map Gameplay will focus on tracking Reviewed by Arif Al Mamun on December 08, 2018 Rating: 5

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